Flashback: Feelings Test

This is when you.......
This is when you.......

This post will be the first in a series of… well not so many when i think about it. Some days back i was going through my old stuff and remembered that i used to write a diary in school. So i started looking for it and did manage to find it. But i was so surprised when i read what I had written inside. I felt as if all the entries were by a different person and some of them were simply hilarious. At least that’s how they seem now. So i thought i should put up a post from that time when no one knew what blogging was and all we had were our not so  faithful diaries. (They just couldn’t keep it in. I mean if my mom happen to  get hold of one, then that was it. My diary would totally sell me out.)

Anyway (enough silliness), This is something i wrote when i was in 11th std. No, 12th std. No, 11th. I guess it was 12th only. I was studying for my chemistry bored(read board)exam and i was well ….really bored. I was reading about Fehling’s test. Let me just help all the non science students and standing out(read outstanding) students(like me) a little. It was some weird test where you mixed a lot of shit and if in the end there was brick red colour, the test was positive. So now this is what i made out of it.

Feeling’s Test – A test to see if the girl you love loves you or not.

Take about 50gms of courage(keep some in reserve just in case), 10gms of a mixture of the girl’s likes and dislikes, a little bit of honesty(don’t go asking your friends what it looks like), 5 to 10 lines of  romantic songs which express your love well (Note: originality mite lessen the reaction time), and loads of love.

Add all this up and mix nicely. Keep the girl under close observation(not too close……….yet 🙂 ) when you are mixing all the ingredients. If a pale red colour appears on her face and then it dissolves slowly to give way to some positive developments around her lips( this phenomenon is known as a smile which appears only for a few lucky ones) then the test is positive.

But if the colour that appears is not pale red but instead is dark red and fumes start coming out of the ears……then run for your life coz its gonna blow.

.....start running
.....start running

Important: If the girl’s face turns green and looks like she is gonna throw up then it means that you havn’t read the prerequisites for this test properly. A bath is COMPULSORY.


3 thoughts on “Flashback: Feelings Test

  1. Quite an analogy i’d say..so reflective of how smart we used to think we are when we were that age…like we know it all..yet so foolish..sigh..living in total ignorance..yet with a feeling that we rule the world.. 🙂

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