Mastano Ki Dilli

Just when India or rather the world was praising Alla Rakha Rahman on his mesmerizing compositions for Slumdog he came up with another gem right in the beginning of 2009 to follow up 2008, which was one of the best years in bollywood for him. Four big releases, four super hits – Jodha Akbar, Jaane Tu …, Yuvraaj and Ghajini. So i was really curious to know what we’ll get to hear from this genius in Delhi 6. And so I heard, i heard and i heard ūüôā

The album comprises of amazing variations of sounds and instruments. Aarti by various singers is like… well, an Aarti. Its soft and melodious. ¬†Arziyan sung beautifully by Javed Ali(Jashn e bahara) and Kailash Kher is one of my favourite tracks It is right out of the Haji Ali and Khwaja stable and rightly so considering the backdrop of old Delhi. It just takes you in the very first time you listen to it and before you know it u are humming it everywhere. Bhor Bhaye is a hardcore classical number where Shreya Ghoshal is teamed up with the great Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and the result is as expected. Phenomenal to say the least. Its not a track that will get a lot of commercial success but shows the versatility of Shreya who just got off ¬†Ghajini after doing the’ Latoo’ act.

My other favourite track on this album is ‘Delhi 6’ the title song. Its funky, spunky and a superb anthem for this city. It will totally become a rage with the ¬†youngsters. ¬†It has the feel of Hip Hop/Rap and Techno which blend beautifully with each other.

Masakalli needs no introduction. It became a hit the very first time it was played on the radio and the first time ¬†people saw Sonam Kapoor dancing with a pigeon on her head. What i would like to add is that this song has been sung by Mohit Chauhan and it is totally not his style. Hats off to him for doing such a wonderful job on such a difficult track. Going further ‘Kala Bandar’ is again a very Hip Hoppish track. Naresh Iyer and Karthik and Bony all have done a superb job. It totally makes you wanna move.

Genda phool is by far the most experimental track on this album. It starts of with a short chorus followed up by the husky voice of Rekha Bhardwaj (Namak ) and as soon as you think ” Ah well its a typical Rekha Track” you are surprised and how by a sudden mix of western music which makes it into a cool fusion. And if all the fans of Rahman’s voice are getting disappointed then they need not be as ‘Rehna Tu’ brings Rahman upto the microphone. Its a romantic, soft number which has a western flavour to it. Like always Rahman does a great job at it.

Delhi 6 is a must listen for fans and others alike. Its one of the great man’s finest works.

Best Songs : Delhi 6, Arziyan, Masakalli, Genda Phool, Rehna Tu

Rating Р4/5 


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