Wear Red Underwear To Win?


The Stylish New Look From Nike
The Stylish New Look From Nike

Sky Blue or Deep Blue? Does it really matter? After a long time the Indian Team ‘looks’ good on the field and its all thanks to Nike who have managed to create a kick ass jersey which is striking and stylish. The new deep blue jersey was in the making for about 18 months and it was made keeping in mind the requests of the players to keep it light and well ventilated. But apart from it these advantages (and of course it being less prone to dirt like Dhoni said) does it really make any other difference. 

                                   Team India lost the first two matches that it played with the new jersey but it is just absurd to blame the new jersey for it. And the media is primarily to blame for it. They are the ones who brought this rubbish thought out in the open. I mean India lost the first match and suddenly the media were looking for someone to blame. Why? because our team is just about to become no. 1 in the world and that’s why they can’t play badly. So it has to be the new Jersey. And its even more absurd to have colour therapists sitting in the studios of  news channels discussing the ill effects of the deep blue colour. ” It is a dark colour which brings down your pulse rate and you stop becoming aggressive, they should wear a colour which increases the pulse rate and makes them aggressive” Hello? We lost the match because we were over aggressive. And the icing on the cake was the therapist asking the Indian Team to wear Red Underwear as it will make them aggressive. Yes, Its true and I saw this myself.

                                                        Just going by pure facts, the sky blue Indian Team didn’t even make it to the second round of the 2007 world cup, the dark blue Sri Lankan team won the 1996 World Cup and the New Zealand team for years had the All Black Jersey. South Africa for years has been wearing a darker shade of green, and even Pakistan shifted from their light green of 1992 world cup to a darker Green. And to think, the media would have all these stats memorized.

Another thought that can be taken is, If India had won the two Twenty-20 matches, would the media have credited the New Jersey for it? I mean if the colour of a Jersey was gonna dictate how the team performed then why bother playing? Who ever has the better Jersey, Wins.


2 thoughts on “Wear Red Underwear To Win?

  1. Nice one… bt personally i prefer the sky blue jersey ovr this one… it was way cooler… n m sayin dis nt bcoz india lost the two matches…!

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