Days you remember – 30 or more???

This Is Life!!!
This Is Life!!!

I don’t know why but most people watch movies and praise them but don’t really embrace them. The way i see it is that films can teach us a great deal about life. Now before you come to any conclusion about what’s going to follow, let me assure you that this little write up is not on films at all. Its purpose is very different.

I want to take one particular instance from a film that has inspired me a great deal and has helped me to understand n live a better life. I feel that it has a strong significance in almost everyone’s life. Bluffmaster is that film and there is one particular scene that hit me big time. The scene where Boman Irani asks Abhishek Bachchan “How Many Days of Your Life Do You Remember?”  for which the answer was a meagre 30. Thirty years old and just 30 days to remember?, this  brings me to the point of this little write up.

Everyone reading this please try and think about it. I don’t want you to count coz that will take ages. The point is not to count but for each one to realize that most of us have very few such days. When i started thinking about this my thoughts went right back to when i was in 9th Std and i had just come back home after discovering a library which stacked all the Tintin and Asterix as well as loads of Archies. For my first day i had picked up a Tintin (Don’t remember which one). I came back home, i think i had some guests over but i did not indulge. I straight away went to have a bath, changed into my Kurta Payjama, picked up the comic n started reading it lying down on the bed and i remember myself very clearly saying these words “THIS IS LIFE!!!”. I was just so happy because what this meant was a new comic everyday and my thoughts constantly went to the hundereds of comics still lying on the shelf waiting for me.I couldn’t stop smiling.

I did remember other days also but still even after a lot of thinking i didn’t have enough. Now you would ask what is enough. Well, nothing ever is. That’s Human Nature and we can’t help it. But what we can do is put this in the right direction. Everyday that we live, we live to want more time, more money, more this and more that. Instead we should live each day in such a way that we can remember it forever, live to ask for more such days coz no matter what you say now, these will be the only days that will be worth anything in your life.


6 thoughts on “Days you remember – 30 or more???

  1. A few observations and questions-
    Did you ever think about ‘how many days you remember’ on days that you remembered today? You never talked about the second day when you followed up on those comics-you recollected blissfully the joy on seeing the stack for the first time.
    Its change that we remember most and change that is generally in the form of a surprise elates that moment into a long term cherished memory-night out with friends, that Goa trip with friends, first kiss with that nth gf 😉 and so on and so many…
    My take here is live life with your heart; your head will remember each day and you wont have the time to count!

  2. Hey I promised I would write, and write I did!

    Its funny how you mention the example of Tintin here to make your point of a time spent blissfully. Herge has delivered an unsung masterpiece with Tintin because this scrawny french detective seems to incite boundless joy, optimism and excitement in every kid’s mind!

    ONE of my “30 days” would be the same as yours, the day I picked Tintin up. I remember the book too, Tintin in the land of the sun. I was SO excited to read about his adventures in peru that I subconsciously imbibed in me that I wouldn’t have lived my life if I die without seeing this magical land. Well lo and behold, come this summer, and I wrestle with my funds and schedule to somehow just BARELY make it to Peru and back. I spent 15 days there, ALL of which I could count to be amongst those 30 days Abhishek Bachchan mentioned in the film.

    Before my trip, I used to think we are so jaded by now, so beyond naivete that hoping to seek such unbridled joy is merely a fool’s pursuit. Guess what? Never have I been happier to be proven so grossly wrong!!!!

  3. That’s where blogging comes in making this task a little simpler. If you lived a day, that too completely, just jot it down. And when you feel like remembering the same, open that page of your life…

    We are just paving our way and walking over… after reaching a certain distance we can visualise what we did.

    very nicely written, I must say. do share more insights… may there be more such good ‘ol day memories to recall as we try to figure out our trails.

  4. good going ….. there are some things that no matter what,,,even if u try to…you wouldn’t forget for life….i am sure college is one such…..u r back to college make the most of it

  5. Hmm well written but i dont learn much from movies actually because life seem to be teaching too much…but yeah F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    is very inspiring… in more than one way 😉

    Keep writing dude..

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