Sachin Tendulkar – God, in all his glory

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Most people today get bored of doing the same thing in about 20 weeks. Some go on to complete 20 months before the feeling of monotony grips them. Yet Sachin Tendulkar shows no signs of stopping even after 20 years. People around the world are writing, speaking out, and congratulating Sachin for this remarkable feat but that is not the purpose of this article. This write up tries to bring out the love, respect, and admiration people have for him.

On 5th Nov, India took on Australia at Hyderabad. At that time this particular boy was taking on his mba classes. After his classes finished he sat at the dhaba next to his college for a cup of tea. He called his brother and inquired about the score only to be disappointed as Australia had scored 350 runs. He finished his tea and went to meet a friend. As soon as he reached his destination ( food court in a mall) he got to know that Sachin is batting well and India are off to a good start. As he entered the food court, there were a lot of tables placed outside in the open and all the people sitting there had there heads turned towards one direction. As the boy moved inside he also turned his head to see what everyone was looking at and was pleasantly surprised. The match was being projected on a big screen and everyone was glued to it. The boy couldn’t control his smile and did a little hop skip dance not bothering about the people looking at him. He was getting a chance to see Sachin bat on a big screen while sitting under the stars, he wasn’t bothered about anything else.

It was a perfect evening, one he thought he would remember forever if India won the game. Sachin soon completed his half century and the boy stood up and bowed down to his god. Soon after, Sachin unleashed his full array of strokes and was in the nineties within no time. The boy folded his hands under the table and silently prayed for his idol’s 45th hundred. Sachin got to it without any problem and looked up to thank the almighty and probably wish that his Dad was there to see it. The boy also looked up and secretly hoped for the same, as it was his dad who introduced him to the world of Cricket. As India got closer and closer to the impossible target the boy wondered if what he was watching was actually happening and evenΒ  said to himself “Yeh kaisa match jita raha hai Sachin?”.

The friend sitting on the other side of the table was new to this world and was amazed at the reactions and expressions the boyΒ  had while following the match. At times the friend became non existent for the boy, all he saw was Sachin and his strokes. But never before had the friend seen such love, devotion and fellowship forΒ  an outsider and so was not complaining. As the match got closer and closer, Sachin batted better and better. Every cover drive for four and every six over the bowler’s head was poetry in motion. It was as if nothing would stop Sachin(or so the boy hoped). The boy let out a gasp when Raina got out, only to follow it up by saying that India still had a chance till Sachin was there. Sachin got to 174 and the boy like many others started hoping that this would be the day when Sachin scores a double hundred in ODI. Sadly it was not to be as Sachin got out on 175. As the ball went up in the air, the boy’s heart went into his mouth and he hoped that the ball would not go to a fielder, but it did. Sachin walked back towards the pavilion filling the stadium with silence and the boy’s eyes with tears.

Source: Cricinfo, Getty Images

What followed was one of the biggest heartbreaks in the boy’s life. India lost needing only 19 more to win after Sachin’s dismissal. The boy couldn’t help but think back about the Chennai test against Pakistan where Sachin got out and the rest were not able to make 17. He was numb and couldn’t hear anything. He couldn’t believe that he saw Sachin’s best innings in one days, for a losing cause. He said good bye to his friend with a heavy heart and continued his journey back home on his bike. But throughout the journey he kept thinking of Sachin and how he would be feeling. He was sure that people will again not see the manner in which Sachin batted but instead see that he didn’t take India to victory. Tears rolled down his eyes as he drove against the cool breeze. A strange feeling hit him as he made his way back, the feeling was like being lost without a map because he thought of cricket without Sachin.

It was an extremely sad end to the day for the boy who only hours before couldn’t control his smile and thought this day would be one the best days of his life.

Today when Sachin completes 20 years, it is incidences like these that truly describe what he means to the people. This was the story of one boy watching one innings of Sachin, but there are millions more like him who would have shed tears for Sachin and who today stand and salute this genius. He has given millions of us so many reasons to smile, to cry, and most importantly, to Believe.

(This post was written some years back. For the latest on Sachin:


17 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar – God, in all his glory

  1. Sachin, undoubtedly, is the best one out there. Not just in cricket, but at a personal level as well. I haven’t met him personally, but with all his speeches (the winning ones and the general ones too) and not so common public appearances, one can certainly say so. I look up to him for this very personality trait he possesses.
    Here’s a link I want to share:

    P.S: Do take notice of Sachin’s reaction. (shoib’s reaction as well :P)

  2. awesome yaar..keep on writing..d way u portray the entire story is truly grt…expecting a good article on lance armstrong as well..

  3. u have written quite close to what i think of this great gift of god to cricket(sachin), written well with emotion. keep it up!!!!

  4. Beautifully written!!! Liked the way its woven around the boy’s admiration for Sachin and love for the game. Was a pleasure reading it! πŸ™‚

  5. As i read through , i found myself to be in similar thought as that boy had. That day i had won Rs.500 in Tambola but instead of feeling good about it I was sad of the fact that india lost the match after a brilliant knock by the Mastero. Even after so many years Sachin has never lost his foucs and range..
    He has been a great inspiration.

    a great write up…keep on…

  6. Being ardent supporter of Sachin , i can admire the love of the boy. even i have shed tears for Sachin . Good story πŸ™‚
    looking forward to read some more articles from your side . Lage Raho bhai

  7. Nice one. The boy’s friend saw that the boy is crazy about Sachin πŸ˜‰ But on a serious note, good you sent me the link cause I got to read a superb piece. The emotional part is really touching. Go ahead and write a wacky one taking that silly Bal Thackeray to task πŸ™‚

  8. Hmmm.. although its a nice emotional read but i think it could have better by replacing “this boy” with “I”..thats my opinion…i may be wrong but i feel this one cud have been much better considering the fact that u were writing about sachin..
    waiting for your next entry though πŸ™‚

  9. Indeed, how beautifully you have crafted an exempt from the guy’s life in such simple words, sacrificing no bit of regard, love and admiration.
    Hope the guy gets to meet His Sachin once.
    “U deserve it……..!!” πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Dude,

    I think this is your best one so far…… and I am only glad to see it coming for Sachin knowing what he means to you and the rest of us……

    Keep Writing…… Ur blog is always a nice read.

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