Chakravyuh – Your world stops here

Chakravyuh, the sports festival organised by IMT Ghaziabad is nothing short of being spectacular. This year was my first time there and the three days i spent there were really some of the best days of my life. I have written in a post some time back about how many days of your life you can remember ( Well, lets just say that i added three more to my total.

I reached  IMT after a two-hour drive from my college on the eve of 4th feb and was totally exhausted. As you drive into the campus you can see the parking right away but i did not. My eyes were fixed on bright lights coming from around the corner right opposite the parking lot. As i drove round the corner, the scene appeared in front of my eyes, A football ground all decked up and ready for the first kick and over 300 students dressed in their respective team kits waiting for the opening ceremony to  start. For a few seconds i was dumbstruck as it just looked like a dream, too good to be true. After the opening ceremony and dinner all the teams were called to the amphitheater for …well.. a welcome of sorts, like no other. So all teams filled the amphitheater and the welcome started. All team captains were asked to introduce their teams and others including the very witty hosts made fun of anything and everything that was being said. By the time the insult session was over, the fixtures were out and it was down to business.

Over the next three days all teams battled it out for the top spot in various sports. Our team had major heart breaks in Cricket and Badminton and we failed to win anything. As a sportsman I hate losing, really hate it. However, for some reason i did not mind it that much. That was the beauty of those three days as It was there that I learnt, it’s not always about winning or losing, at times its just about doing what you love.  Imagine three days when no matter what time u got up, there was always a sport happening, no matter where you went, people were talking about who won or who lost and no matter how tired you were, you still wanted to play more. I didn’t understand all this while i was there. It was only when i was leaving that these thoughts came to me.   That is why as i left after three grueling days of non stop competition, taking back nothing but my bruised and battered body with me, my heart refused to leave. I was already thinking about the next Chakravyuh even before i left this one. It was very addictive and it had me totally hooked.

Some teams that deserve a special mention for their performances are The Titans and Kshatriyas of IMT who were just spectacular in multiple games, K.J. Somaiya – underdogs who won Cricket and made it to the finals of basketball, MDI who played some special Table Tennis and Football, FORE School of Management whose Basketball and Badminton teams made a real fight of impossible matches.  On top of that there were a few  players who were a joy to watch, Rajinder from Amity, Gladson from XIMB, Pulkit Garg from MDI, Vishal Mehra from Titans, Vikram Walecha and Rahul Sood from FORE for being great sportsmen and Sumit Arora again from FORE (comeback of the tournament after being down 1-11).

For me this Chakravyuh 2010 was about the electrifying atmosphere, making friends, appreciating fine sportsmen, watching some truly remarkable matchups, sleepless nights, realization that i need to lose weight if i wanna compete and above all doing what i love the most, play till i drop. Hats off to IMT for giving us these three days every year over and over.


14 thoughts on “Chakravyuh – Your world stops here

  1. Are Kaul bhai . aapki taarif karne laga tha.. HIT the Backspace few times and started over..
    ohh ya.. For the rest of you, Rohit kaul is a senior from my univ.. AND bhatia.. Kaul bhai was the witty “insulting” host at IMT..

    after talkin to the both of you.. Therez somethin fired up my ass and I want to kick some ass at chakravyuh’11.. Bhatia trust me.. we will.

    And kaul Bhai U keep some real good STUFF ready.. 😛

    looking forward to 2011

    nos vemos

  2. Hmmm i think i will go with vishal here.. this is certainly not ur best entry…although i do agree that ur experience at IMT must have been one of the best..i feeel u cud have done away with the appreciation part for sports person u liked there (specially their names)..
    keep on writing…and yeah u do need to lose some weight for sure 😉

  3. well, dis ws my 2nd yr of Chakravyuh being a student @ IMT….. but still while reading ur blog, i cud visualize IMT in those 3 days…
    Thanks for the appreciation. Being at the control desk at chakravyuh, i was able to feel the heat of the event…. but all said & done, now we cud feel that the event was a success… after getting appreciations such as yours, this is prooved…. talking about this chakravyuh, FORE’s team was close to me because one of my friends was there in your team. I can assure you that sportscom @IMT maintains & improves the level of event in following years….

  4. The event really is fabulous. Though I have never been there, a friend of mine is a 2009 passout from IMT and he has been describing the event for years. Though it seemed a little untrue at times, all my doubts were eliminated after listening to my FORE folks and reading your blog.

    The words here are subtle yet so creative that I can visualize the whole panorama and I just wish if I could have attended the event. The blog cleanly depicts the real happenings and I am sure you guys had great fun there. I agree with you that even though its very hard to be on the losing side, but somehow the real game is about playing and playing with spirit. Winners and losers will come, but true players will always stay. Doing what you wish to do is some sort o a dream in today’s world and I agree with Ankur, if you can do that for 3 days, these really have to be the most memorable moments of your life.

    Well written Ankur. Good Job!

  5. Hey!!
    First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of the organising committee of Chakravyuh for visiting IMT. It was really a pleasure to read your blog and you brought those three unforgettable days right in front of my eyes. I was involved both as a player (from the team TITANS) and as an organiser in the event and although it was tiring but it was great fun altogether. I ensure you that it would be even bigger and better the next year.

    IMT 2009-11

  6. As a part of organizing committee of Chakravyuh’10, i feel honoured after reading this blog,Chakravyuh has always been the flagship event of IMT Ghaziabad & we seriously try to raise it’s standards year after year.many teams were not selected this year bcoz we had to place an upper cap somewhere.some teams performed well in bits and pieces but hats off to performances by team Kshatriya and MDI…..thanx 4 ur appreciation and yes this line will go in my status msg…”. it’s not always about winning or losing, at times its just about doing what you love.”…….thnx again…hope 2 c u next year…!!

  7. As you had requested me to give an honest opinion ,so here I am scribbling my honest thoughts.
    Ankur ,Please don’t mind but this blog post was not up to the standards you have set in your previous entries ( Sachin and Kaminey )….I beg to disagree from others but you have far more potential than skills displayed above…..

    Keep writing…


  8. Everybody has already mentioned abt envying ur writing skills and visualizing IMT, so I wudnt repeat that.. But I think my status msg on chat after reading this clearly tells how I feel about it : Very well said ….”it’s not always about winning or losing, at times its just about doing what you love” … Pls go thru Ankur’s blog U’ll feel like doing what u love the most – sports/dance/music/anything…

    Thanks Ankur for making us realize that we at times get away from wat we like… Keep writing :-))

  9. after reading this..i can actually sense the adrenaline rush!! it seems as if i was there and was cheering ( or even better if someone was cheering for me!! ) and enjoy sports..that i rarely do!!! U brought me back to the sporting world!! kudos…

  10. IMT dekh liya maine ankur ke blog main..i can visualize d entire sceneee….it inspires evryone to b a part of such a mega event..

  11. I hope ,FORE begs more entries in your list of “how many days of your life you can remember “.
    Looking forward to read more about ur views ..

  12. I envy Ankur a lot..Since he is so good at expressing his feelings in words..which is the most difficult thing to do… Very well written..I felt as i if i was there instead of him….U can write a nice Love Letter.. 🙂 Try it..

  13. hey bhatia…u hve done a gr8 job…i think u described the entire experience in a best way possible…hats off to u……even i enjoyed the event a hell lot but somehow cudnt stop myself frm leaving early…anyway i think all of us now look forward to chakravyuh’11 and dis time v’ll prepare hard so that we can bring back what we lost dis time ..:-)

  14. i still regret my decison of nt gng 2 Chakravyuh just cz of our mid sem exams…..awesome description of 3 days makes me feel jealous of u bhatia (:P) … dnt wry wl surely go nxt year n wl win d matches…

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