SALT Is Not Namkeen Enough

There has been a lot of talk around the fact that Angelina Jolie is now such a big action star that she is giving the likes of Tom Cruise a run for their money. Nothing proves this fact more than Jolie’s latest release Salt which was earlier offered to Cruise and then taken to Jolie. Angie took it up and the script was re-written for a female protagonist. Unfortunately, the script itself is the villain in this film as it fails to make an impression.

Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy. She starts to run and gets into deeper trouble when she is caught for the assassination of the Russian president. The story pans out in rather unimpressive fashion as the secret about ‘Who is Salt’ unfolds. It just seems like the script was written in a hurry and so is unable to lift the film.

The film does have its moments in its action scenes, particularly the chase sequence on the freeway. Sadly these moments are too few and far between. Even then, Jolie puts in a very impressive performance and definitely has the makings of a great action star. She is ably supported by Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth), who plays Ted Winter, Salts friend at the CIA.

It’s sad that an opportunity like this was made to go waste, but there is still another chance as the makers have already planned for a sequel, which is evident from the way the movie is made to end. As for Jolie, she has the confidence and the attitude to play not a Bond Girl but Bond himself and maybe in years to come we mite just see her doing it.

Rating: 2.5/5


One thought on “SALT Is Not Namkeen Enough

  1. Reviewed just in time, easily saved me $20 on tickets!
    I was never too enamored with Jolie, even at her best I can never get past her puffed-up sexdoll image. Its a brutally frank opinion, but thats how it is..

    Also bhatia, I seriously urge you to watch the swedish movie- “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, and review it here. Apparently, the demanding role of the actress of this action packed thriller has been said to be the best role of this century. The swedish girl playing it has done full justice to the role too!

    Just to give you a sneak peek into the female character’s role- she is a lesbian with the programming skills of, oh I dont know, larry page? And can kick james bond’s ass all the way to stockholm and back. Do see it.

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