The Adventures of Chulbul Pandey

I still don’t think I have a proper review in my mind for Salman’s Dabangg, but I am going ahead and writing it coz I don’t think i will ever be sure of what to call it. First let me clear the air a little. Dabangg, for all its worth, is a damn entertaining film. However, it will be really hard for non Salman fans to actually enjoy the film with its rustic humour and dabanggiri. 

The film starts very much like Wanted, with Inspector Chulbul Pandey being introduced to the audience in a fight scene. But this fight scene has lot of humour thanks to a ringtone as well as Rajni style stunt by Salman using his Rayban. The film moves at a decent pace with songs thrown in between the adventures of Chulbul who has no problem in dancing on the street to express himself.

The music is actually a big plus for Dabangg with two songs already becoming superhits including Munni Badnaam which has created mass hysteria in fans and news channels alike. Sajid Wajid have done a commendable job and one song that really stands out is Udd Udd Dabangg which is very original and very fresh. Another thing that makes Dabangg truly entertaining is the action, which at times are bizzare and yet they never sieze to amuse you. In one particular action piece during the climax, Salman even outdoes Rajnikant by removing his shirt (It had to happen) in a manner which has never ever been scene on the silver screen (Its almost straight out of Dragon Ball Z).

Ofcourse I am not ignoring Salman Khan, and frankly its impossible to that coz he is the heart and sould of this film. He gets under the skin of the character so well, its impossible to imagine him as anyone else but Inspector Chulbul Pandey. Credit is also due for the people responsible for developing the lovable Chulbul, Abhinav Kashyap (brother of Anurag Kashyap) and Dilip Shukla who have written the story along with Jalees Sherwani who has written the dialogues. I would not be surprised if we see a new adventure featuring Chulbul. Go watch Dabangg for a great performance by Salman and one of the most memorable characters of our times, . After all “Inka naam inki personality ko shobha deta hai”.

Rating:   Movie – 3/5   Chulbul Pandey 5/5


6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Chulbul Pandey

  1. I agree with your review wholeheartedly…anyone who is not a Salman fan or goes expecting a meaningful film will be disappointed but for the others it’s a treat! The characterisation of Chulbul is fantastic!!

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