The Panda is Pure Awesomeness

There was very little doubt in my mind after watching the first part of Kung Fu Panda, but all doubts have vanished by Kung Fu Panda 2. I can safely say that Po – The Dragon Warrior, is the second greatest character I have seen on film or TV ever, the first obviously being Homer Simpson. Now that we have established this fact about the character, let’s get down to the film itself. Kung Fu Panda 2 starts off by showing our beloved Po as a hero who has saved the people from bandits, pirates and what not. What’s good is that he still remains his goofy self and that brings out loads of funny moments just like the first film. Jack Black as the voice of Po is just brilliant. It’s as if he was born to do this because not for one second does it feel that I am listening to Jack Black’s voice. The Focus is always on Po. Others in the all star cast return but just like the first part, the likes of Jackie Chan and Seth Rogen don’t have much to do.

What’s new in the second part is the villain, Shen – A Peacock, who has a horrible connection to Po’s past. This is another positive point of the film as the story line tries to give the character some more depth rather than just showing him as a goofy panda. What remains the same in this are the Furious Five, Master Shifu, triumph of good over evil n all that. But frankly this is not the reason why people loved the first film. The reasons to love both the films are The Animation which is again top class, The Action which is offered in a heavier dose and of course The Humour, which is very clever and subtle.

If this film has some downside, it has to be that it is a lot like the first film and does not offer too many new things.  The funny moments too are a little less since the novelty factor of the character is gone. We all know he is stupid, loves to eat, witty to core etc so everyone is actually waiting for a ‘Panda Response ‘ to every dialogue. However the film still manages to make you laugh enough and the credit should go to the writers.

If you liked the first part and became an instant fan of Po, then go ahead and watch this film because it has enough to entertain you even the second time around. For the people who agree with my fact about Po, Its Pure Awesomeness. Skatoosh….

Rating – 3.75/5


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