Bizarre and unexplained weather

I had been waiting for the release Mausam and was very dissappointed when the release got postponed by a week. However, now that I have finally seen it I wish it had not released at all. I am not saying this because its a bad film, that it is no doubt but many bad films release every year. There is something more to it than just that. Still, before I talk about that let me just back up a few steps and talk about the film.

Mausam starts off with decent potential as Shahid looks totally natural in his character of a Punjabi Boy. The sad part is that there is very little we get to know about character. ‘There is a race with the train’ scene to show that shahid is competitive but that isn’t used anywhere. Frankly there are a lot of things that never come up and a lot of things that are pulled out of thin air. There must be a lot of people who were hoping for magic from Pankaj Kapoor but I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

No matter how much I try I don’t think I can say too many nice things about the film. So I will get right to the insults.
Mausam has one of the most bizarre and atrocious screenplays I have seen in my life. There are references to things that never take place in front of the audience like Shahid suddenly saying that  it was Sonam’s last letter or that Sonam is in America. The editing is bad as even  the first half feels stretched. However, the biggest disappointment is that this film comes from probably the actor we have in the country. That’s  exactly why I didn’t want the film to release.  Pankaj Kapoor is someone I bow down to as an an actor but here he directs, writes and does the screenplay  and all of them fall flat. There are some great ideas but every scene is so stretched that the novel attempts fail to impress like the  ‘Abhi na jao chod kar’ song or the intermission from the candle flame or the shot of  the glass of  water in which ink  is getting mixed. These things could have been brilliant but unfortunately disappoint further.

Only a couple of things stand out in this failed attempt at a epic love story, the performances and the cinematography. The leads as well as the support cast are good except for Anupam Kher who is completely wasted. The performances of main leads could have been even better had they not assumed that they were already part of an epic love story which is going to be a landmark in Bollywood.

Watch it if  you must but wear a cap as It will prevent you from pulling out your hair, but only till the time the Giant Wheel climax comes up, after that its inevitable.

Rating – 1.5/5


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