Battle of The Century

“Everything that Google hasn’t shipped yet is exciting. Its after they ship it that it becomes not exciting.” This was Bill Gates’ reaction to Economic Times when he was asked about Google launching a Operating System. And it put a big smile on my face early in the morning as soon as i picked up the paper. Just to clarify, i wasn’t smiling at what Bill Gates had said nor was I smiling at how it sounded. I smiled because in my opinion here is a battle of equals, a battle that will change the world, The Battle of The Century.

On the 7th of July the world was informed about Google launching its new Chrome Operating System for net books(initially) and what that news did was take away the thunder of Windows 7, the new OS from Microsoft,  said to be their best in the last decade. But seriously, Considering how the OS’s launched by them in the last decade have faired(ME and Vista to name a few) they just have to be a notch above XP which is not that big a deal.

Unlike others I was not surprised at the name Google has chosen for its OS because i think they are being clever. They  launched the Chrome internet browser 9 months ago and already have a following of about 30 million people. More recently they also started advertising the browser on TV. What they were actually doing is advertising the Chrome brand. If you see the ad it doesn’t tell you that Chrome is a new web browser. It just says switch to Chrome. So they will have an established brand by the time they launch their Chrome OS, which i think was the plan all along.

So now the big question is who will come out on top? And I don’t think anyone knows that for sure. I am a Google fan, through n through and I  believe that Google has what it would take to overthrow Microsoft but I also know that its going to be very difficult. Google so far has just been eating away at the side business of Microsoft and most times caught them unaware. But what Google wants to enter now is the core business of Microsoft and i don’t think it will be  very easy to beat and nor will it happen very soon.

Still, I consider my self very lucky to be living in the era of Microsft and Google. It will truly be a privildge to follow this battle and to see who comes out alive(relatively).