The Panda (obviously Po) is carefree, yet sensitive & does what he loves without any inhibitions. He is innocent yet clever and expresses things straight from the heart. He is always there for his friends and no matter who you are, you will love his company.

When I look at him I feel as if he is over &  above all the regular worries of the world, I almost see him floating above us all,  waving to us (while gulping down food) mere mortals who enlarge all the problems and over look the little things that make us happy. On top of all this he has a super strong will for things that he believes in. He does not mind climbing a thousand stairs for a bowl of noodles or for his master.

The Pursuit of ‘Panda’ness is a pursuit of all these qualities because for me the way of the Panda is the way to live. When you look closer, it is not so much different from The Pursuit of Happiness, ‘Panda’ness is just a little more ME.


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